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Makris Law is an insurance claim law firm that specializes in handling insurance claims for homeowners and commercial property owners from beginning to end, including litigation. We believe in fighting for what is right even if that means standing up to the biggest insurance company and taking them to Court. We pride ourselves on our competitive spirit, work ethic, and ability to successfully resolve insurance claims to the satisfaction of our clients.

Because we focus our practice on such a niche, yet complex, area of the law, we are confident that we can provide you with competent representation with respect to your claim.



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Hurricane / Storm

When they do hit, hurricanes are no joking matter as they could potentially have the power to level your home to the ground. Even a common summer storm can come through within minutes with high winds and hail.


A pipe burst, overflowing appliance, or any other water loss in your home can cause significant damage in a very short amount of time, including health concerns, such as mold.

Roof Leak

A heavy downpour with or without hail can cause roofs to leak well in advance of their expected lifetime.


Termites, coming from both underground and flying through the air, swarm and can cause damage to the structure and stability of your home with little to no warning signs.


Fires not only destroy your home and your personal possessions, but the smoke can further damage any un-scorched remains.

Vandalism / Theft

Vandals damage your home both while they break in and during their purposeful destruction.


Often times, lightning strikes electrical units burning them out and creating a surge of power which burns everything that is connected. This sometimes results in a fire.


Sinkholes are everywhere in Florida. Common cracking to the walls, floors or ceiling of your home may be caused by slow and gradual sinkhole conditions under your home.


Has your insurance company delayed payment for your insurance claim? Has your insurance company wrongfully denied payment for your insurance claim? Has your insurance company wrongfully low balled payment for your insurance claim? If so, you may be able to recover not only the damages that you are entitled to under the underlying claim, but also additional damages due to the insurance company’s bad faith conduct in handling your claim.

Far too often, homeowners and business owners have felt like they have been wronged by their insurance company. They feel as though that they have been taken advantage of, or worse, that they have been forgotten about while they are stuck to deal with a tragic loss to their home or business which they paid good money to their insurance company to protect.



You could get the immediate remediation services you need in order to mitigate and repair damages to your home without paying upfront for such services by assigning benefits you’re your insurance policy to the remediation or repair company.


We represent mitigation, restoration, remediation, and rebuilding companies to get their bills paid promptly and completely.  We are here to level the uneven playing field against the biggest insurance companies that bully smaller companies by not paying for the services they provided – the emergency services and rebuilding services designed to protect homeowners and businesses to return them back to their home or business, the way it was before the loss.